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About Me


Alec for many years has always had a passion for architecture, design and pencil drawing since childhood.


His appreciation for architecture specifically relates to more traditional methods of design and structural form, leaning more towards an appreciation of Middle Eastern architecture and culture.


It's historical beauty and cultural significance in time and history are elements that Alec is inspired by to reflect in his drawings and explore further as his artistic talent grows.


How would you describe your artwork?


What inspires me is to create an image that shows a landscape or building at an angle that you would not normally expect to see in an ink and pencil drawing.


I love drawing in monochrome and I am inspired to reflect the building that I see with as much detail as I can to show it in an accurate way and to accentuate it's beauty and structure.


I love being able to use simple shading techniques make the image come alive and find this the most inspiring part of the art process


What's your favorite style of drawing?


I have a love for drawing A3 city scales, with a significant architectural featured predominantly in the Image with a feeling of depth and distance beyond it disappearing in the distance


What is your most recent piece of art that you have enjoyed working on the most?


I recently worked on a series of elevation drawings, concentrating on typical dwellings seen in cities around the world, illustrating the type of architecture specific to that city, for example, the London town house, the French chateau, the German Rathaus, this is a project that has many options to expand on


When did you discover your passion for drawing architecture?


When I was at Grammar School, I used to take art classes, and I remember the first landscape drawing I did was of Sydney Harbour, I think I was about 13-14, and I drew it in pencil. I remember the sense of achievement and happiness when I had completed it. But as the years went by, I changed my career and followed a different path.


How has your style evolved as you have drawn more?


Rediscovering my passion has allowed me to start a journey of discovery, exploring different paper types, different sharpness of pens and pencils, shading techniques and styles.


Each drawing that I have completed I have tried to become more detailed and more accurate in the representation of the building that I am concentrating on.


What City do you like drawing the most?


Undoubtedly I would say it is Istanbul. As a teenager and young man the name Istanbul evoked within me feelings of mystery, romance, history, grandeur, full of fantastic buildings of great historical significance, a location set as a gatekeeper between Christian Europe and the Lands of the Middle East and Islam.


There is nothing more satisfying than to be able to draw such historical buildings and feel when I have managed to draw them well, have the enjoyment to hear peoples comments about them.



London College of Printing                                   


Higher National Diploma in Digital Media Production - June 2002


University of Oxford


Western Architecture : The Modern Era - December 2020


Islamic Art and Architecture - June 2021


Learning to look at Western Architecture - July 2022


From Byzantine Constantinople to Ottoman Istanbul : Art and Architecture - June 2023


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