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Kazan Cathedral, Saint Petersburg

Updated: Mar 28, 2021

A friend of mine sent a photo of this Empire Style Russian Orthadox Church in St Petersburg, Russia

I was attracted to drawing this Church for the angle of the image that it was taken, the fact that ive never tried drawing light as it appears through the dome of a building and how the light interacts with the interior surfaces to produce shadows and different tones.

I started with the Chandelier first as it dominates the foreground of the drawing

Progressing to the Dome and detailing, I found it very hard to ge the shape of the dome correct.

Final Drawing, I added rays of light by simply rubbing out the surface and darkening the external perimeter of the drawing so the idea is the eye is drawn to the centre and up towards the dome

I could have worked on this project a lot longer but I felt that I had got to the end of it and finished it even though I could have improved it, I just get the gut feeling to stop

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