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What is my definition of Architecture

I decided to sit down and have a think about what architecture is to me and what I feel would be a good definition for it.

"Architecture is a human cultures requirement for shelter and security on the very basic level advancing to an expression of different countries religious, social, economic inspirational beliefs and dreams through its buildings within its designed towns and cities"

There are many definitions on the internet that can be found, here are some of my favorites

"Architecture is an act of optimism" Nicolai Ouroussoff - "LA Times"

" Architecture is always dream and function, expression of a utopia and instrument of a convenience." - Roland Barthes - "Semiology and Urbanism"

"Architecture is such a conspicuous immensely physical object in space its presence is bound to influence everyone.” - Gautam Bhatia - "India International Centre Quarterly"

"Architecture is about hope, about change—it makes life more exciting." - Lars Lerup - "Architect"

" Architecture is one of the reflections of the permanence of a civilization." - Charlie Rose

"Architecture is a public commodity, and as such invites public scrutiny." - Reed Kroloff - "Architecture"

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