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Models of the Architectural Design Process

There are a number of design processes that various institutions have drawn up to allow the designer in many disciplines not just Architecture, to follow.

The Double Diamond

The Design Council developed this framework for innovation to help designers and non designers alike to tackle various social, economic and environmental problems

It was launched in 2004, it has at its heart a clear visual description of the design process using 4 D's and by using divergent an convergent thinking

Discover - Define - Develop - Deliver


Understanding, identify needs, talking to people, gathering research, researching historical context


Phase of analysis where the design team reflects on the information gained in the discover phase, focus groups can be used to get an overview of users reactions to proposed ideas


This is where solutions are created, prototyped and tested. there should be intense activity, multiple ideas , brainstorming and re defining existing design concepts


Final stage of testing out different solutions, systematically rejecting those solutions that will not work and improving those that will

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